Lumisque Skincare, founded and headed by Lana Kerr, is the home of CO2Lift Gel Therapy. Our CO2Lift Carboxy gel, a medical grade cosmetic treatment, utilizes carbon dioxide to rejuvenate the skin for a younger, suppler look, as well as restores elasticity. The benefits of carbon dioxide have been seen and used for over 85 years to regenerate the skin. Carbon Dioxide is a natural vasodilator, which relaxes the muscles, therefore aiding in the dilation of the blood vessels allowing for better blood flow. In the past, these treatments were injections administered by needle. Here at Lumisque, we have innovated technology, the first of its kind, a non-invasive application of carboxytherapy, our CO2Lift Gel Carboxy mask. In February of 2016 at the Premier Dermatology meeting in Palm Springs, we introduced the CO2Lift Gel Mask to the market.

In front of a room of over 200 of her colleagues, Dr. Wendy Roberts explained the effects of a non-invasive carbon dioxide treatment. The CO2Lift Gel Carboxy mask is an extreme hydrating treatment delivering the carbon dioxide directly through the skin. The process is simple due to being topical as well as effective without any pain.  The mask is proven to hydrate the skin up to 117% . Also, when applied in a series of at least 3 sessions, the skin maintains moisture remaining soft and supple. CO2Lift Gel Carboxy mask can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other procedures like laser treatments, micro-needling or chemical peels. Additionally, the mask is a great way to repair the skin after these procedures because it helps to promote healing.  This innovation in cosmetic technology is now being carried by a number of doctors and is being recognized as a staple treatment within the medical community.

During the Music City SCALE, a meeting for Cosmetic Advances and Laser Education, hosted by Dr. Michael Gold and Dr. Brian Biesman, Dr. Wendy Roberts presented our technology to the more than 500 doctors in attendance along with a live demonstration of the CO2Lift Carboxy Mask highlighting the before and after effects of our technology. At this conference, we made strides toward the top of our industry with this product. From this demonstration of CO2Lift Carboxy Mask’s abilities to turn back the hands of time, we recruited a considerable number of doctors at that conference to carry the treatment. Elite educators like Dr. David Goldberg, Dr. Neil Sadick, Dr. Brian Biesman, Dr. Vivian Bucky, Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff and others have spoken and shared with their peers the benefits of adding CO2Lift in their practices.

Through the inspiration of our premier innovation, we continued to study the versatility of the product in wound healing and its implications in female restoration. In March of 2019, Lumisque Skincare took another step forward with the unveiling of our CO2LiftV. This new product is a home administered vaginal kit using the original technology from our CO2Lift Gel Carboxy mask to alleviate symptoms from genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) and other female gynecological issues like lichen sclerosus. The CO2LiftV advancement helps women with the most intimate issues while providing the ability to be applied in the privacy of the home.