CO2Lift® Pro is the Fastest Way to Better Skin.

CO2Lift® Pro is the Fastest Way to Better Skin.

Healthy Skin Glows. It’s Vibrant. It’s Luminous.

CO2Lift® Pro is our strongest formulation of carboxytherapy and is only available through our aesthetic and medical providers.

4 Reasons Why

Practitioners Partner with CO2Lift®

If you believe that healthy hydrated skin responds the best to any procedure, then CO2Lift® Pro is your fastest way to prepare the skin before a procedure. Interested in a way to reduce downtime after a procedure? How would removing 2 or 3 days from normal healing time sound? It is also a proven way to reduce downtime by removing 2 to 3 days from normal healing time. Simply applying 3 CO2Lift® Pro treatments post procedure is generally all you need!

How are you treating your patients who suffer with Rosacea and Eczema? Many dermatologists are using CO2LiftPro® to help treat their symptoms.

Are you interested in benefiting from the booming Vaginal Rejuvenation Market? Hear how one skincare professional helps her patients.

Skin of color is unique and dermatologists are using CO2Lift® to help all demographics.

Mechanism of Action

The energy necessary for cell division and cell activation is produced by the increase of oxygen.

CO2 Skin Absorption

The absorption of CO2 leads to a deficiency of oxygen beneath the skin causing the body to supply more oxygen to the area.

Expansion of Capillaries

Blood bringing the additional oxygen to the area causes the blood vessels to expand.

Supply of Oxygen and Nutrients to the Cells

This oxygen-rich blood supplies nutrients and immunoregulatory substances to the cells.

The Hydrogen Curve has 20 Times More Affinity for CO2

The hydrogen curve arrives with oxygen (through the microcirculation) to the tissue. When CO2 is introduced, the curve takes the CO2 and releases O2 increasing the PO2 in the tissue with all the bioregenerative action plus the increase of microcirculation.

Learn How and Why CO2Lift® Carboxy Gel is a Staple with Skincare Professionals

CO2LIft® Pro Before & After Photos

You don’t get old, you dry up! I use it upstairs and downstairs and in my experience CO2Lift® is the fountain of youth!

– Lana Kerr, Founder & CEO