Hormone Free. Pain Free.

This is NOT a lube. The CO2LiftV re-conditions your vulva/vaginal skin.  It helps restore your vagina to youthful functionality.

CO2LiftV is for every woman

Women concerned about the vulva’s cosmetic experience, new mothers, menopausal women, women on prescription medication, women who have had chemotherapy, and women with a history of breast cancer who cannot take supplemental estrogen.


What is CO2LiftV?

It is the first carboxy gel for vulva vaginal restoration.  Woman have found that it helps restore the vulva/vaginal tissue to youthful functionality

How do you apply it?

Once the 2 packets are mixed, ¾ of the gel is inserted into the vagina with the applicator provided.  The rest of the gel is applied on the outside.  Leave on for at least 45 minutes; Many find it easier to go to sleep with it on and remove in the morning.  Use the applicator filled with clean water to rinse out the vagina.  Do this 2 or 3 times and wipe off the gel from the outside. 

How does it work?

Once the gel is applied, carbon dioxide is formed and is infused into the vulva/vaginal tissue.  This action then causes the blood to release oxygen in favor of the carbon dioxide. This blood is rich with oxygen as well as nutrition which will promote new blood vessels and remove waste from the tissue. 

What are some of the results women experience?

Increase in Natural Lubrication, Greater sensitivity, improvement in urinary incontinence, helped with painful sex, increased arousal, more orgasms

Can this be used if you are using laser or radio frequency for vaginal rejuvenation?

Most definitely.  Its will enhance the results of the procedure as well as extend the benefits of the procedure. Also it can be used on top of the numbing cream to help further anesthetize the area to get a more comfortable experience as well as to pre-treat the tissue before using an energy -based device. It will also help to shorten any down-time from a procedure,

Will this cause a yeast infection?

The pH on the CO2liftV is between 4 and 4.5.  This is the ideal pH for the vagina. The CO2LiftV will not cause a yeast infection.  If you are having a yeast infection first clear that up, then use the CO2LiftV

Can you have sex immediately after doing a treatment with CO2LiftV?

Yes you can.

Who is CO2LiftV For?

For Postpartum; Menopausal women; After Chemo; To improve or maintain the look and feel of vulva/vaginal skin

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