We live in changing times.

That’s a fact that affects providers, their patients, and their businesses from the ground up.

In 2020, thousands of providers had to ask their patients to postpone coming in for elective or cosmetic procedures. The revenue hit for many was very high!

In-person appointments will be back, but in many ways, the new normal is here to stay, and CO2Lift is here to help providers close the revenue gap.

From now on, there will always be patients who want (or need) take-home options for skin and vaginal rejuvenation.

Our proprietary topical carboxytherapy gel treatments are the only home carboxytherapy gels on the market, and we’re here to accommodate the women and men who want to avoid the medspa for medical safety.

In just one application, CO2Lift increases hydration in the skin by over 117%, increases localized blood flow to promote healing, and stimulates cell regeneration.

The result is luminous skin that’s supple, elastic, and taut. 

All completely without injections—making the gel carboxytherapy treatment accessible to patients at home or in the office.

Evidence-Based Carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy is the use of CO2 to stimulate arteriovenous vasodilation, or the dilation of local veins and arteries.

The procedure was born in the 1930s when a French physician tried a carbonated spa to relieve his patients’ peripheral artery disease. Decades later, doctors revived carboxytherapy for wound healing—and found that CO2 improved the aesthetic appearance of the patients’ skin too.

Applying CO2 cutaneously has 3 main effects:

  • Increases blood flow to the epithelial tissues, which make up the skin, fascia, and the layers between and underneath
  • Increases lymphatic drainage, which removes waste products during healing and cell turnover
  • Promotes localized lipolysis, or the metabolism of fat for energy

The results:

  • Improved cellulite
  • Improved firmness
  • Reduced stretch mark appearance
  • Reduced scar appearance
  • Reduced wrinkle appearance

CO2Lift harnesses exactly the same technology in a noninvasive gel mask package, bringing the benefits of carboxytherapy to a wider audience of patients and providers.

Noninvasive Gel Treatment

CO2Lift has the distinction of being the only topical carboxytherapy product on the market.

While the very first carboxytherapy treatment was a literal bubble bath, most carboxytherapy today uses a system of high-gauge needles to deliver CO2 to the subcutaneous tissues.

This approach is technically noninvasive because the needles are very fine—but many patients want a needle-free option that won’t leave bruising or tenderness.

CO2LiftPro and CO2LiftV come in the form of a cutaneous gel product that’s applied to the skin for the duration of treatment.

There are no needles involved and the noninvasive topical treatment can take place in or out of the office.

Safe Home Treatment

The patient-provider relationship changed forever in 2020, and so did the demand for cosmeceutical products.

For the first time, more patients want to use cosmeceuticals instead of attending the clinic for a cosmetic procedure.

CO2Lift is the only way to replicate procedure results with none of the potential exposure of the clinic during a global pandemic.

Prior to COVID-19, most providers administered CO2Lift products in-office. Many still do, but today, increasingly more providers send patients home with CO2Lift for self-treatment.

Better Procedure Recovery

CO2Lift increases the blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the treated area, which promotes waste removal and cellular turnover—healing, in other words.

The medical use case for carboxytherapy includes wound healing and procedure rehabilitation, making it effective aftercare for recovery from clinical or cosmetic procedures.