Carboxytherapy is the therapeutic use of Carbon Dioxide for skin regeneration.

When infused into the skin, CO2 immediately diffuses at the cutaneous and muscular microcirculatory levels, resulting in higher tissue oxygenation and neoangiogenesis. The blood vessels widen, increasing the transport of oxygen body tissues for cellular regeneration and anti-inflammatory effects.

It is a treatment that has been around since the 1930s, though the method of delivery has improved since then, with a gel delivery system, CO2Lift!

Carboxytherapy uses carbon dioxide to stimulate blood and lymph circulation to the area being treated and improve circulation, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. The old way to administer carboxytherapy is by subdermal injection of CO2 with a thin high-gauge needle. This application causes little pain and discomfort and leaves minor bruising.

Today, topical carboxytherapy brings the benefits of carbon dioxide infusion without any injection required. CO2Lift Carboxytherapy was developed to harness the human body’s natural response to carbon dioxide.

  • Increasing the presence of wound repair factors and growth factors, which help cells “turn over” faster, reducing the appearance of aging, scars, stretch marks and more
  • Stimulating collagen and elastin production, which promotes elasticity and helps retain hydration
  • Improving local metabolism and elimination of waste products, which helps the body heal localized damage such as scars or acne hyperpigmentation
  • Regenerating and repairing damaged tissue to help clients achieve better looking and feeling skin

What is CO2Lift Carboxytherapy Gel?

  • A take-home treatment created in 2015 that maximizes chair time and is proven to have similar results to injections.*
  • Beneficial to all providers: surgical, aesthetic, medical, and aestheticians
  • Powerful anti-aging and aesthetic solution designed for face, eyes, body and vagina.
  • Regenerates the vulva/vaginal tissue and reduces the symptoms of GSM.***
  • Effective for healing diabetic ulcers in as little as 4 treatments.****
  • Focuses on solving an individual’s aging skin without the use of machines, aggressive peels, injections, or cosmetic surgery. 

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****Pilot study conducted by Dr. Laura Slack

Carboxytherapy Effects

  • Vasodilation*
  • Increase in Flow Motion*
  • Increase in Growth Factors (e.g. VEGF)
  • Increase in Microcirculation
  • Increase in Neoangiogenesis
  • Increase in tissular oxygenation/[PO2] Bohr Effect**
  • Neoprocollagenesiss
  • Correction of PH
  • Cleaning of the ECM for improved tissue health***
  • Biostimulation of the connective tissue****
  • Resoration of the microvascular-tissular unit exchanges*****

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Not only do patients experience increased healing of their primary burns, they experience significant improvements to the appearance of their skin. 

Those improvements included:

  • Reduced fine lines
  • Improved wrinkles
  • Smaller pores
  • Firmer texture

The results were clear—cutaneous carboxytherapy gel had potential for powerful use in anti-aging skincare.

Mechanism of Action

An increase in oxygen produces the energy necessary for cell division and activation.

CO2 Skin Absorption

Absorption of CO2 leads to a deficiency of oxygen beneath the skin and causes the body to supply more oxygen.

Expansion of Capillary

Blood brings oxygen into the body, and the blood vessels expand.

Supply of Nutrients an O2 to the Cells

Blood supplies oxygen as well as nutrients and immunoregulatory substances to the cells.

How Is the CO2 Created?

When the water in the large packet mixes with the gluconolactone in the small packet, it forms a mild acid. That mild acid mixes with the magnesium carbonate to form CO2. The resulting CO2 is absorbed into the skin in a unique, hypoallergenic, and mild treatment.

Learn More About the CO2Lift Family of Products

The increased demand for noninvasive skin care procedures makes the CO2Lift family necessary for providers who want to meet the growing need. CO2Lift is the only clinically proven cutaneous gel application of CO2 on the market.

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