Experience the Power of Carboxy Gel.

CO2Lift Pro is the only scientifically proven carboxytherapy gel treatment. Co2Lift Pro improves the skin’s elasticity without the need for an invasive procedure. The innovative gel treatment is gentle enough to apply even on your eyelids and under eye.

After just one use, CO2Lift Pro:

✔  Increases skin’s hydration by 117%

✔  Lifts and tightens skin

✔  Reduces wrinkles, lines and pore size

✔  Smoothes skin texture

✔  Brightens skin tone 

How it Works

Carbon dioxide is created when the water in one packet mixes with the Gluconolactone in the second packet to form a mild acid. It then mixes with the Magnesium Carbonate to create CO2.

The gel is applied to the desired area and forms a mask that holds the CO2 into the skin.

Once applied, the gel sits for 35 minutes to an hour so that the CO2 is absorbed. Peel off to reveal radiant, younger looking skin.