CO2Lift Pro is the Fastest Way to Better Skin.

CO2Lift Carboxytherapy Gel is clinically proven to safely improve the quality of all skin types

Lumisque Skincare is proud to have the very first clinically proven gel delivery system for carboxytherapy. Carboxytherapy is one of the fastest ways to regenerate the tissue. This will help your patients to heal quicker after a procedure and have better results and healthier skin. Also it is a treatment that can be performed by them at home.

In just one application, CO2Lift Carboxytherapy Gel Treatment increases hydration in the skin by over 117%, increases localized blood flow to promote healing, and stimulates cell regeneration.

CO2LiftPro is Perfect for Post Procedures

The CO2Lift Pro Carboxy gel is a staple product for any provider because of its wide indications of uses, as a stand alone in anti-aging, with no downtime, no pain and immediate results or in combination with other procedures, like micro-needling, chemical peels, or laser to enhance the results and reduce recovery time.

CO2Lift V – The At-Home Vaginal Restoration Kit

The Vaginal Rejuvenation market is exploding! Learn how you can deliver the fastest way to resolve this with an easy at-home product that is proven, effective, safe and affordable to your patients.

Take the Next Step to Bringing CO2Lift Pro Into Your Practice

We would love to work with your practice to successfully increase your patient satisfaction and bring your practice more revenue in these changing times.  By applying to be a provider, we will call you and send you a sample so you can demo in your practice.  Once you see how our product can work for you, one of our Support team will work directly with you to open an account, train your team and get you going.  Looking forward to working with you!