Get The Sex You Want! Rejuvenate Your Vagina This Quarantine!

Women’s bodies are designed to endure a lot of changes. We go through a whole process of womanhood starting from puberty, we start menstruating, our breasts develop and our hormones haywire with rage. Each month our body prepares itself for pregnancy but is mostly expelled by our monthly cycles. And those “not so most times” bring pregnancy, childbirth, changes in hormones and different phases of menopause all of which can make many of us feel uncomfortable. Indeed this whole process of womanhood is a blessing but can be at times quite uncomfortable and painful from changes in the body after childbirth, painful intercourse, dryness, decrease in sensation to the phases of menopause. But ladies now you can rejuvenate your vaginas and have all the sexual pleasure you want in this world with painless nonsurgical treatments by just sitting at home. And now when you have all the time of this universe and you are bound to stay at home for your safety due to the spread of Coronavirus so why not self-care and rejuvenate your vaginas this quarantine!

What Exactly Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

As women, we go through hormonal changes, childbearing and aging, which makes us experience changes in our genitalia. There are some changes that impact a woman’s quality of life including vaginal laxity, loss of vaginal lubrication, decrease in sensations, urinary incontinence and loss of tone of the labia majora.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a treatment that helps women take control of their vaginal or feminine health by improving what childbirth and age has deteriorated for them. It is a way to restore what we have lost to all these processes of childbirth and aging. Childbirth does cause the vaginal muscles to stretch and accommodate the newborn to pass through the delivery. Normally the vagina goes back to its original shape but some women may not feel the same after giving birth. And to make it worse multiple multiple childbirth increases the possibility of losing elasticity.

Whereas when women are in their 40’s, they start to feel and see changes in their feminine health as they enter in their perimenopausal phase. The symptoms get worsen and become more evident as they enter full menopause. They experience a drop in estrogen level which causes the vaginal tissues to become –

  • Dry
  • Less elastic or flexible
  • Less acidic
  • Thinner
  • Burning sensations
  • Slight bleeding and Painful Intercourse
  • Soreness
  • Itching or stinging
  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

The At-Home Vaginal Rejuvenating Treatment

Now there are various treatments available for vaginal rejuvenation, from surgical to non-surgical. Undergo these treatments only if you are experiencing these changes that make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. It’s all a personal choice and it’s not at all necessary to live with this uncomfortableness all throughout your life.

Get an effective solution to all these problems by getting your hands on the vaginal treatment kit by Limisque. The treatment eases out the symptoms by using the benefits of carbon dioxide and improves the quality of the vaginal tissue by regenerating it and making it function in a much more healthier way. The Treatments penetrate Co2 which stimulates oxygen production and increases the cell metabolism of that area.

Why Should You Consider Vaginal Rejuvenation?

  • Simple and Wary!

The treatment is safe than invasive procedures and can be done at home safely and effectively. The treatment eases out the symptoms pertaining to your feminine health. The process rejuvenates and regenerates the tissues and makes you feel all happy and pleasurable at all the right places.

  • Brings Back The Exuberance Of Sex!

As we age vaginal dryness and laxity can make sex uncomfortable, embarrassing or even painful. This uncomfortableness not only takes away the enjoyment but also the interest and the desire for your partner. The use of treatment replenishes the lost moisture, restores natural lubrication, increases the sensation making the sex pleasurable and enjoyable again. The treatment not only improves your vaginal health but also makes your relationships much better.

  • Increase In Sexual Satisfaction!

The treatment has not only proved in replenishing the vaginal health and sexual life, but women also reported an increase in sexual satisfaction as the vaginal muscles strengthens, tightens the area and improves the sensations and gratifies the sexual pleasure. So ladies why to waste this quarantine period, improve your vaginal health and sexual life, at the same time!

  • Restores Vaginal Health!

The treatment boosts collagen and elastin production in the body which are responsible for skin and tissue structuring. It nourishes the area, adds hydration, strengthens the muscles and improves the overall health of your vagina. 

Vaginal treatments are not only known for improving the feminine health of your body but they also enhance the appearance and works on providing a pleasing and youthful appearance. The way we treat our skin for hydration and moisturization for improving the vitality and vibrancy of our skin, we can do the same for our sensitive area and make it feel youthful and regenerated.

So what are you waiting for, try the Co2Lift Vaginal treatment kit and feel the remarkable difference in your life! The treatment is really easy to use, in the privacy of your house, you can mix the Co2 solution in a bowl, insert the prepared product in your vagina, with the included applicator, wait for 45 minutes and then wash it with water. Our procedure includes five treatments and five applicators, its mostly seen that women feel the results just after two treatments. You can optimize the treatments as per your requirements  The procedure is effective, painless and at-home treatments that address your vaginal issues and makes you feel comfortable with life and intercourse again. Contact Lumisque today, if you want to buy vaginal treatment kits in bulk and but at affordable prices! 

Utilize the quarantine period and improve your feminine health only if you feel to and get the sex you want!