Great sex: It’s funny how life sometimes gives you exactly what you ask for.

At 47 years old and married to same man for 21 years, I reflect more on the way things are in the bedroom. And so, one day, I was thinking, “I’m not enjoying it the same.”  I couldn’t put my finger on why it wasn’t the same.
So I started doing research as to why it could be.
I confided in my mom and aunts, and their friends, they simply nodded sagely and agreed: at a certain age, it starts feeling less like butter and more like sandpaper!  Now whilst that wasn’t how I felt personally, my next thought was… “is that’s what coming for me?” I wanted a solution.

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Happy Vagina, Happy Life.

My mind kept coming back to it, and why not? Sex is fun, even when we’re older. It impacts our marriages or relationships in a positive way.
80% of women in menopause experience vaginal dryness.  A Gynecologist said that you can tell a woman’s true age by looking in her vagina.
Now even though I’m not in menopause yet, just like you don’t wake up one day and you are suddenly old, things are gradual. First you have fine lines, then eventually they turn into wrinkles. But this doesn’t only happen on your face! You lose elasticity and collagen in the vagina as well. Also, as estrogen declines we don’t lubricate the same anymore, which can cause things to feel different.
But it’s not just women in menopause. It’s also women with PCOS, after childbirth, going through chemotherapy,  post-hysterectomy… it can affect any woman at any point, and it’s more common than you think. Women just don’t talk about it!
Now to regress, my business in skin care focuses on care of skin on the face, eyes, and neck. We recently completed a successful clinical study, which proved that the the CO2 Lift Treatment mask increases hydration by over 100 percent. It also helps improve the ability of the skin to maintain moisture.

We also saw that the CO2 LIFT mask technology was truly carboxy therapy. The delivery system for carbon dioxide is the mask versus the injection, as what is traditionally used. In Europe, they use carboxy therapy for vaginal rejuvenation.So this got me thinking: let me see how our technology can address these issues.

Well, we decided to see, so we invested in a small clinical trial with menopausal women.
Half did a placebo gel and the other half did our new product for vaginal rejuvenation: CO2 Lift V. We were super excited that the entire placebo group got no results, and the entire CO2LiftV group had significant changes in all areas of the FSFI questionnaire.
Next we decided to invest in biopsies, and they were just what we hoped for… hence we gave birth to CO2Lift V!

Think about it: the vagina’s surface is lined with mucous membrane, which is a form of skin.

Skincare is topical. We apply creams and gel masks to our faces, why stop there? The skin on our face isn’t the only skin that matters! Isn’t the skin between our legs even more intimate, and therefore more important?Now, I needed to know for myself. Yes, the results are great… but I need to know really how good this is… so I tried it!

All I can say is… God is so good that he doesn’t make you wake up one day and get old. I am so grateful that it’s gradual…because seriously, I forgot how a young vagina feels!
I’m thinking, is it mind over matter?  I had to put my mind to rest, so I gave CO2Lift V tomy aunts and mother – strong, active, beautiful women in their 60s and 70s… and wow!

They are so grateful… I heard remarks like: “it used to feel like sandpaper… now it’s likebutter!”Why Does It Matter?

Okay, so this is all good and well… but I think this is significant.
First,as I said earlier,  this issue affects 50 to 80 percent of menopausal women, women who have chemotherapy, hysterectomies, or even some women after childbirth..
To be able to provide a solution is very rewarding!
This affects the quality of life. I believe the vagina is there for more than delivering babies.
Women have it so that when it’s properly functioning, it makes us happier… so why should
we only be concerned with how the skin on our face looks?The skin on our face usually helps get our partners, but ultimately what counts is the skin
between our legs.

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