Post Care Laser Treatment – CO2Lift Pro Carboxy Gel

Media has played a significant role in accepting the women’s body image in this century based on the physiques of models with their unblemished skin and sleek beauty. It is essential to understand about post-care laser care as well. One of how all the models make their skin sparkling and clear is the removal of hair treatment. This treatment has become one of the main cosmetics elements for everyone who desires to have smooth skin.

Caring for the skin post-care laser:

Skin laser or any facial laser is a famous procedure for those people who are fed up with tweezing, waxing, or shaving from any part of the body. When we talk about the most recent cosmetic procedure, we prefer laser treatment. After this process’s performance, there’s need to protect the skin and other body parts, which can be done by selecting the right type of products that helps to heal quickly and easily. CO2Lift pro Carboxy gel heals before any prejudicial. This is the reason one must use pro Carboxy gel.

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Why CO2Lift Pro Carboxy gel?

The treatment recommended as a post-care laser, which is the most recent and latest innovation that provides some changes in the dermis as subcutaneous C02. The oxygen concentration and micro-circulation has been increased and it results in treating the skin along with the connective tissues.

The main benefit of using this treatment as a post-care laser is to hydrate, lift, and rejuvenate your skin. This will help to improve your skin, which provides an optimal solution for neck and the body parts especially the face to stay young.

Who can use this Product?

This treatment is gentle and safe enough for all skin types and is recommended for everyone as a post-care laser treatment. CO2LIFT Carboxy gel can be used to enhance post-laser therapies and offers to maintain the appearance of the skin.

Benefits of Using CO2Lift pro Carboxy Gel:

Lumisque has taken the pledge to introduce a unique way which is simple and easy to incorporate balance and specific components which helps to promote the penetration of Carbon-di-oxide with the help of the epidermal layer of the skin. This treatment helps to naturally stimulate the oxygen molecules in your body which deliver directly to the skin on different parts of the body. This oxygen will be helpful in the cell metabolism and for treating the skin.

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Have you focused on other benefits of CO2LIFT Pro Carboxy Gel? Let’s discuss:

It also helps to improve the blood circulation and with its efficient discharge of waste from the skin, one can easily experience brightness and also radiance just after the laser procedure. There will also be improvement for the skin with freckles or brown spots.

Just post care laser, use of CO2LIFTPro provides following benefits:

  • Wrinkles and Lines are reduced
  • Smoothes Skin Texture
  • Reduces Redness and Swelling
  • Pore size Reduces
  • Lifts and Tightens Skin
  • Increases Skin’s Hydration > 117%
  • Helps to Brightens Skin Tone
  • Helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Enhances Results:

This way of treating post care laser is proven to increase microcirculation, helps to speed up healing and also increases hydration in the skin. That is the reason it is recommended that CO2LIFTPro Carboxy gel is best for post care after lasers, peels for chemicals, microneedling and other invasive procedures.

This treatment must be done every other day during the healing process. And once you achieve the result, you should maintain the treatment with monthly and proper treatment.


Thus, with the usage of CO2LIFT carboxyTherapy treatment, it helps to improve the elasticity of skin without the invasive procedure and is applied gently. This treatment also helps to improve radiance just after its application by the skin conditioning with the help of intense hydration and also helps to boost the moisture retention.

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